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"Horse information to learn about buying a horse, feeding a horse, health needs, shelter, pasture, and space requirements."

Horse Care and Horse Information

What does a horse need? Food, space & shelter, health care.

This site is committed to serving horses and their owners or soon-to-be owners. Lots of helpful horse information is crammed in here to immediately provide owners with horse care facts to help you understand the responsibilities of caring for a horse.

Informative guidelines on horse needs such as feeding your horse, horse boarding and horse shelter, health needs, and horse information in general. Lots of great horse information with practical tips can be found here with additional links to other instructive horse information from hand-picked selected quality sponsors where you can find more terrific and reliable expert advice that you need.

Discover the difference having a horse can make. Horse ownership is guaranteed to delight, but without the benefits of having a professional or skilled horseman around to provide you with horse information and to help guide you, it can be a bit daunting at times. Owning a horse definitely merits research on what is required to properly care for your horse so you have knowledge that can be quickly drawn upon as needed. Check this site frequently for horse information as it is updated often.

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Fresh Horse Information Content

Buying a Saddle

What you need to know when buying a saddle. A horse saddle, regardless of type, must fit both horse and rider.

How to Bridle a Horse

Bridling a horse is not as easy as it may seem. If you do it incorrectly, it may be become traumatic for the horse. The rider may be affected or injured as well..

About Shaffle and Curb Bits

Snaffle bit or curb bit? Know the difference in horse bits.

How to Give a Horse a Shot

Horse owners on occasion may be required to give their horse vaccines that are administered through an injection, such as protecting your horse from the West Nile virus. Giving your horse a shot is not difficult to learn.

Horse Anatomy / Parts of a Horse

An element of good horsemanship is knowing the basic parts of your horse. Don't be a complete "green horn" around your horse -- know your horse's basic anatomy.